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West Coast Training Program   

Training Schedule  2017

Thursday  -  Saturday

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Jeffrey Williams, Developmental Alphabioticist and Certified Alphabiotic Instructor joins our team of instructors for the Alphabiotic Training Academy. Jeffrey operates the Lifestyles of Light Private Medical Association in Nevada City, California, where he has practiced since attending the Academy in Dallas. 

In the Alphabiotic Training Program, you will learn the Alphabiotic Philosophy, Principles, and Procedures, and how to apply them to operate a successful Alphabiotic Center.

To register for the West Coast Training Program, please contact the Alphabiotic Training Academy at 214.369.5117, or by email at alphabiotictrainingacademy@gmail.com.  The West Coast Training Program location will be disclosed upon registration, and may be subject to change.  

Click HERE for full program details.

Class size is limited.  Register early to reserve your seat!  If you are interested in our

Dallas Training Program, please contact the Academy for registration details.

Registration deadline is December 21st, 2015. 

All subsequent classes must be preregistered 30 days in advance.

Announcing our new

West Coast Training Program in beautiful Nevada City, California!

March 2nd- 4th

March 30th - April 1st

April 27th - 29th

May 25th - 27th

June 22nd - 24th

July 13th - 15th 

August 10th - 12th

September 7th - 9th

September Homecoming / September 21-23 2017


Now enrolling
for the 2017 Dallas and West Coast  Professional Training Program!