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                     Welcome to the official website of the

    Alphabiotics  Academy


Alphabiotics.   Bringing Balance to the World.

​A Private Medical Membership Association

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Help others, while giving yourself financial freedom and job security .

People today are looking for proven, natural ways to take care of their health and well- being. Alphabiotics has been the answer for hundreds of thousands of people for the last 45 years. With the popularity of alternative medicine growing, working prospects are excellent.

​There are two yardsticks for success in Alphabiotics. The primary one is service and the secondary one is money earned. Alphabiotics very nature is about helping large number of people. The more people an Alphabioticist helps, the more money he or she earns. Take care of those who come to you for help, make it easy for them to start, affordable for them to stay, and rewarding, in a soul satisfying way for them to refer others.

The Program Includes:

* Eight series of classes (minimally) 

* A full set of training manuals (downloadable online).

* Personal hands-on training by Certified Instructors.

* Personal, on-screen, frame-by-frame training evaluations.

* Online portal access for training material, and academic curriculum requirements.

What the Student Will Learn:

The student will learn about a remarkable hands-on helping method, time-tested, and proven, a proven Alphabiotic Unification Process. You will also learn about:

* The incredible Intelligence within you.

* Destructive, inappropriate stress states.

* Brain hemisphere balance / imbalance.

* Why so many therapies are ineffective.

* The joy of whole peson congruence.

* The hidden cause of negative self-talk.

* How to truly make your life work better.

* What "inner peace" really means.

* The necessity of maintaining balance.

The Student's Commitment:

* Complete Alphabiotics In-House and (online portal access)  training materials and assignments.

* Master Alphabiotics Philosophy, Principles, and Procedures.

* Complete all required learning modules between classes.

* Meet all of Alphabiotics Certification Requirements.

The training program consists of 8 three-day classes, Thursday through Saturday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Each class is hosted once a month, which is ideal for traveling students.  You can start the program at any time during the year, although we do recommend starting as close to the beginning of the Academic Year as possible. You have a total of 18 months to complete the program.

Students are required to attend a minimum of 8 core classes. After the last core class is completed, the student can become eligible for certification with the recommendation of the Lead Instructor, along with completion of all required academics and financial obligations.

The Alphabiotic Professional Training is comprehensive and thorough. The in-house training is primarily hands-on, lectures, and question and answer periods. The class work, is combined with home-study and home-work, along with some online Alphabiotic curriculum. The Alphabiotic textbook is furnished on the online training/resource center.

Alphabiotic Alignment Tables are available for purchase during class.  Successful students are board-certified as, Developmental Alphabioticists. When certified, they are then qualified to help others Alphabiotically.

Board-certified Alphabioticists are thoroughly tested, proficiency critiqued, and rated. In addition, certified Alphabioticists are required to maintain their proficiency rating and re-certification every year.

Application Process

To register for the Alphabiotic Training Program, please:

1. Submit your application and application fee, along with  a recent photograph.

2. Schedule an admissions interview with our Admissions Team to discuss the program, tuition, and your training schedule.
3. If accepted, you must agree to the Alphabiotic philosophy, procedures, and legal guidelines.
4.  Make tuition arrangements 30 days prior to start of the first class date.

Please call the Admissions Team at (214) 369-5117 to apply and receive your admissions materials, or contact us via email at  

Class sizes are limited. Please register early to reserve your seat!