The Alphabiotics Training Academy is located 5959 Royal Lane, Suite 206 at the

Alphabiotics New Life Center,

in Dallas, Texas.

Alphabiotics.   Bringing Balance to the World.

​A Private Medical Membership Association


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HELP (214) 369-5117

The Alphabiotic Training Program


With over 35 successful years in each of their practices, Dr. Michael Chrane, Founder of Alphabiotics, and Nona Bertschy, Lead Instructor, together operate and teach the Dallas Alphabiotic Training Program.  They have taught side by side with Dr. Virgil Chrane, Jr., Founding Father of Alphabiotics, and bring to you their expansive knowledge, expertise, and passion for Alphabiotics.  In the Alphabiotic Training Program, you will learn the Alphabiotic Philosophy, Principles, and Procedures, and how to apply them to operate a successful Alphabiotic Center.



Please dress comfortably, casually, and in something in which you can move easily.
​Please wear comfortable rubber sole shoes that give your feet and ankles good support, and traction. 

No flip flops, high heels, sandals, flats, or shoes with leather soles.


Dallas Fort Worth (DFW):  Located approximately 45 minutes from the hotels listed and from the Academy.

Dallas Love Field:  Located approximately 25 minutes from the hotels listed and from the Academy.


Please call before you leave home so the shuttle can be waiting for you at the airport.

Blue Van:  Please call (800)258-3826.

Super Shuttles: Please visit their website, at


Marriott Courtyard:  10325 North Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas 75231.  Phone:  (214) 739-2500.

La Quinta:  10001 North Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas 75231.  Phone:  (214) 361-8200. 

Studio 6 Motel:  12301 North Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas 75243.  Phone:  (972) 716-0600.

Hyatt Place:  12411 North Central Expressway Dallas, Texas 75243. Phone: 972-458-1224.

Quality Suites Dallas:  13636 Goldmark Dr., Dallas, Texas 75240.  Phone: 972-669-2632.

If you need any assistance making your reservations, please contact the Academy at (214) 369-5117.

Now enrolling
for the 2020 Dallas and West Coast  Professional Training Program!

​Homecoming 2019

​September 27-28

West Coast


November 2, 2019

​Sacramento CA